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Stop fraudulent activities from destroying your business. Prevent fraudulent transactions and abusing behaviors by a method of prediction.

Study data and discover the patterns of suspicious users. Identify questionable conduct. Recognize the scammers before they hit. Cut their access before they inflict damage. Use your freed resources to spoil your loyal customers.


Join the leaders and dive into Big Data. Collect and aggregate data between internal and external sources. Employ an analysis-driven strategy and monetize on the information you already have.

You will cut costs, increase revenue, reinforce loyalty and boost net margins. You will improve cross-selling. You will offer personalized products and dynamic pricing.


People are not the best at making good decisions. People are too slow, too careful, and overwhelmed by information and responsibility. They exercise bias, experience emotions and weariness.

On-point data analysis is THE solution to making decisions confidently. Let the markers show you the way – the exact actions you need to take and the exact time to take them.

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Identify shady behavior and predict fraudulent transactions before they occur with our powerful instrument.

Automated Analytics Engine

Increase your revenue and improve your service with simple clear-cut rules established by experts


Let technology help you improve your health solutions. There are two types of MedTech, diagnostic and treatment.

Vitamin AI

Our goal is to improve the early diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease by AI-empowered mobile applications using digital biomarkers.

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Data analysis offers new insights on your business indices that can increase revenue, promote loyal customer retention and organizational efficiency, yet many businesses fail to implement this due to a lack of analytical talent. That’s where we come in, AA excels at data analysis, so we are the perfect addition to your team.


With Automated Analytics at your disposal, you will be able to strengthen your organization with fresh understanding of which patterns to look for and how to both develop and redevelop your business plan. Our experts in business growth, software development, econometrics and data analysis can implement pain-free strategies that only benefit you and your business goals.


Our experience has been accumulated and polished through dozens of academic, private, public and business projects – each expert in their own field, perfectly completes the picture of our authority on automated data analysis.

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