Development based on data mining
and machine learning

Machine learning

Our solutions are based on complex algorithms. Algorithms that investigate the current state of all existing data and process it to produce meaningful conclusions about ongoing and past activities. The rules of the algorithms are changeable, based on the needs of the analysis. A mechanism designed for self-regimented improvement.

Data mining

Data mining is a powerful analytical technique that creates order from the chaos of data. Through data analysis and expert development, our code is designed to discover meaningful patterns and present them with visual proof to the user. Data mining does not just find significant correlations between the numbers, it is looking for trends and events that speak to decision makers and call for action.

Real time analysis

Descriptive analytics

You may think you know your subject well and you probably have experience and intuition on your side. Our solutions will add 100% no-nonsense facts. In a fraction of a second you’ll get a full picture to support your instincts and perception. Links, relationships, complex correlations and trends, in graphs, charts, bars, numbers and percentages. Now you are a considerable expert in the matter.

Real time analysis

Our algorithms are capable of more than just simulation. A simulation will allow you to create a model of the future based on current data.
Our solution is a rare and complex breed, created with collaboration from renowned minds in business, data analysis and innovative technologies.

Predictive analytics

With descriptive analysis, the algorithm can cross-analyze the transactional data with any detected trend and calculate the future state of your subject, your business or your organization. Manipulate the future projection by any variable and you get possible models of where you will be in a day, a month, or a year. Now you know what effect your decisions will have.

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