Interim Analysts

Do you know where you are headed?

nterim analysis is the perfect tool for initial estimations of the validity of your objectives. It is popular to establish SMART goals to measure success. SMART is; Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-bound. Specific and Measurable goals are well defined; usually numeric and inflexible. Realistic goals can never be 100% guaranteed. Time-bound infers progress tracking.

A descriptive analysis will easily show you where you are on the trajectory towards your goals.

Do you know if you can reach your goals?

Establishing and delegating inflexible, impossible goals to teams or employees is demoralizing and can be the
single most detrimental decision that squanders top performing employees.

  • Market demand
  • Solvency
  • Sales volume
  • Purchase value
  • Profits
  • Supply needs
  • Online traffic
  • Online sales growth
  • E-mail campaign success rates
  • Product performance
  • Service levels
  • Personnel availability

Do you know what you need to change?

  • Poor interim analysis results are discouraging for two reasons. One: you’re not moving towards your goals. Two: your decision making abilities are questioned as there’s proof that the objective was unrealistic.
  • Prescriptive analysis evaluates your data trends and projects that onto your future goals. Manipulating current data produces different results for the future. Based on different future models, prescriptive analysis determines which decisions will produce the desirable effect on your project/organization.
  • Use prescriptive analysis to readjust your goals

Benefits of interim analysis

Create a realistic definition of success

achievable goals

Adjust goals based
on projection of trends

Track your progress on the
trajectory towards your goals

Retain top performing talent by reinforcing the feeling of success

Improve performance by creating a habit of accomplishment

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