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The best analytical minds do not stand a chance
against automated analytics.

We unite them.

Data analysts know the rules

Data scientists are the ones who come up with the rules for computing data. The human factor is still the leading factor in data science. Weighing the importance of different variables; balancing the unknowns; giving meaning to categories of data; translating data results into business decisions. Analysts give meaning to numbers.

Automated analytics process large amounts of data

Automated analytics happens when machines are taught to think like data scientists. The added value of their computing power changes the game. The amount of data a machine can process cannot be comprehended by a human and this is a qualitative change in the way analytics work.

Data analysts act with great intuition

Give a data analyst your business field, your scale and your revenue and they will already draft a couple of charts about your organization pretty accurately. Much like leaders in any company, data scientists develop great intuition based on their experience. They will give actionable advice based on data sets. But the picture will be overly simplified and incomplete.

Data analysts take time

Intuition will only take you so far. Studying the history of an organization or subject takes great effort and time for a specialist. The greater experience and information an expert has, the better they tune the rules to reflect the needs of the analysis. Reaching high levels of accuracy based on manual analysis is a luxury mostly reserved for those who can afford in-house experts. It will cost you great resources to find and keep great analytical talent, in harmony with your needs.

Automated analytics updates real time

Automated analytics do not just give you the picture of now. They study the past and current trends to create models for your future that visualize what behavior will lead you to optimum future conditions. They provide ready to use actionable advice in real time. Ask a question and get your advice in a fraction of a second.

Data analysts persuade leaders

More than 30% of companies report that skepticism in leadership often blocks the value of data analysis. Management is often unwilling to invest in experts that are supposed to know their business better and that will bring added value. Talented data scientists can, with ease, show decision makers analysis trends, possibilities and where their business stands within the economy. The potential benefits then become obvious.


Three specialists unite their entrepreneurial and technical skills
to bring you the world of automated analysis

Our Goals

Break into the world of analysis

Studies tells us that even with the abundant amount of available proof, C-level management is still not convinced of the value Big Data and analysis can bring to their business. We aim to help organizations understand that investing into smart solutions is worth it.

Learn the quality of data

Not all data is the same. Yes, all data is hard facts, however, not all facts affect your business with the same power. We aim to help organizations learn what information to track and how to aggregate data to receive the most complete and accurate picture about their place in their environment.

Translate quality analysis into solutions

There is difference between statistics and analysis. Analysis will not just give you a picture of where you are, but also how you got there and how to consistently progress. We aim to help organizations with actionable advice, backed up with data, so they see a clear path to short- and long- term success.

Improve your process

Introduce analysis in every-day decisions. It is not just for achieving your general definition of success. Implemented on a micro-scale, it makes your decision making more clear, faster and easier. We aim to help organizations with automated solutions to assist their decision making on an everyday basis.

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