Automated Analytics Engine

Automated Analytics Engine

A powerful analytical instrument. Able to process vast amounts of data. AA discovers and traces meaningful patterns in the data chaos and produces coherent reports. The engine arranges data and checks it against complex algorithms. In seconds AA has created a profile for your business – customer behavior, sales, logistics. The engine has full understanding of the internal mechanics and has recorded the outliers – pieces of data that don’t make sense and need to be addressed.

Machine learning

Our solutions are based on complex algorithms. Algorithms that investigate the current state of all existing data and process it to produce meaningful conclusions about ongoing and past activities. The rules of the algorithms are changeable, based on the needs of the analysis. A mechanism designed for self-regimented improvement.

Data mining

Data mining is a powerful analytical technique that creates order from the chaos of data. Through data analysis and expert development, our code is designed to discover meaningful patterns and present them with visual proof to the user. Data mining does not just find significant correlations between the numbers, it is looking for trends and events that speak to decision makers and call for action.


  • Improve cross-selling by studying customer preferences and priorities
  • Ace up-selling by discovering correlations between products that complement each other
  • Perfect down-selling by accurately predicting price preferences and response


  • Get to know customers like the back of your hand to predict and respond to product preferences
  • Protect yourself against fraud
  • Communicate to your customers the right way and at the right time.


  • Manage inventory availability and distribution of stock by predicting demand trends
  • Optimize your logistics efforts by automating complex inventory tracking

Human Resources

  • Optimize online sales to minimize sales assistants’ efforts
  • Automate anti-fraud sales processing to reduce sales team effort
  • Study customer behavior to assist C-level decision makers in implementing change with confidence

How does it work?

When the engine is integrated it uses a top shelf data science methodological approach. It collects and explores large amounts of data to ‘study’ in order to optimize different aspects of a business or organization. The engine generates, organizes, classifies and examines different types of data:

Customer / transaction information

  • IP addresses
  • Contact details
  • Transaction behavior
  • Currencies

Organizational information

  • Product / service groups
  • Sales numbers and volumes
  • Revenue
  • Human resources scope and roles


  • Scope
  • Locations
  • General frequency of shipments
  • Inventory management

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