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You probably want to contact us if you have found yourself
in one of the following situations:

  • You have a new business and want a head start, capturing maximum value from data analysis in your business model
  • Your new business strategy is not working for you even though you feel you have done everything right.
  • You experience great difficulties in collecting and using data to your advantage.
    You are struggling with interpreting great data volume for research.
  • You need to take the lead among your competitors and have to optimize your product or service with minimum risk.
  • You have discovered counterintuitive correlations between your efforts and your results
  • You suffer great loss from fraudulent transactions, non-optimum pricing or similar.

Contact Information

Vitamin AI BV

Guldenweg 7,

2360 Oud-Turnhout
+32 3331 1330

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  • Offer cross-selling, up-selling and down-selling to your customers at the optimum success rate.
  • Optimize your prices for the most attractive offering that will also boost your revenue
  • Discover patterns in customer behavior to accurately predict the chance of fraud
  • Optimize your service packaging and offer can’t-say-no products
  • Predict the trends in demand with accuracy and optimize your logistics management
  • Ace communication with your customers – reach them when and where they will respond the best to you